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Issue 155

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap,

but by the seeds you plant."

--- Robert Louis Stevenson


Hatha Yoga Meditation
for Stress Reduction, Peace, and Wellness.


    Joan Budilovsky teaches Hatha Yoga Meditation and Massage as forms of Stress Reduction. The benefit of Yoga,Yoga Meditation and Massage can be realized by anyone regardless of age or physical fitness. Joan wrote her very first yoga book, "Fat Free Yoga," in 1996.

     She wrote this simple yoga book for her beginning students to learn yoga, and now has over 19 yoga books, tapes and CD's on the market. Her simple yet informative style, makes it easy for anyone to learn yoga.
Her yoga book,"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga," (1998) co-written with Eve Adamson, is now in its third edition (2003). This large yoga book fully covers the spectrum and benefit of yoga in an easy to read style. Although this was her first yoga book in the popular, Complete Idiot's Guide series, she went on to write several additional books in this series on the subjects of Meditation and Massage.
When seeking information on yoga for beginner or established practitioner, her simple, enjoyable, yet expert explanations of ancient esoteric studies are fun ways to learn.
      The benefit of yoga for beginner or advanced studies involves a multidimensional look at balance and stress reduction. A comprehensive lifestyle approach consists of:
  • Increasing physical
  • Emotional, and spiritual well being
  • Hatha yoga to calm and strengthen the body,
  • Yoga meditation to calm and strengthen the mind
  • Vegetarianism to calm and strengthen the diet
  • Tips for expanding on a calm and deeply strengthening lifestyle of non-violence
All in all, Hatha Yoga Meditation is a complete system for bodymind fitness. In a world of increasing tensions, the benefit of yoga meditation for relaxation and stress reduction are especially important.
These avenues for stress reduction create a calm and peaceful mindbody, and this, in turn, creates a more calm and peaceful world.
      Whether one is approaching yoga as a beginner or for advanced study, one needs a qualified teacher. Joan Budilovsky has been studying hatha yoga and yoga meditation for over twenty years. She serves on several college faculties and has also taught the benefit of yoga to preschoolers.
      Joan Budilovsky has developed extensive curricula for numerous schools in hatha yoga meditation and massage. She teaches the benefit of yoga as stress reduction not only in schools, but also for many business organizations.
The gentle poses of hatha yoga and the concentration exercises of yoga meditation, helps employees relax in stressful situations while increasing their ability to concentrate. This, in turn, leads to a more productive work environment.
      Massage can also be an effective form of stress reduction. Hatha yoga as an internal massage, and swedish massage as an external massage.
Since the benefit of yoga involves a continual process of uniting the bodymindspirit, Joan Budilovsky's publications for stress reduction are continually evolving. "Body & Soul Meditation," her newly released audio CD (2003), brings her favorite instrument of harp into the practice of yoga meditation.
And although "Dear Abby" never taught yoga, "Yo Joan" has, and was first published on the internet in 1996.
The Yo Joan advice column is now syndicated in numerous papers. In Joan's traditional easy to read style, her responses to readers in this advice column are inspirational as well as educational. Readers of the Yo Joan column write in with questions on hatha yoga, yoga meditation, massage, and other forms of alternative therapies.
      Are you ready to learn yoga? Join Joan Budilovsky now, on this inspiring pathway to stress reduction - the Yoyoga website. Breath, spine, heart, mind...Let's Go!

Hatha Yoga

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